Procanico Doc 2016 Cantina Podere Elvella

Procanico DOC Colli Etruschi Viterbesi


Procanico is a first-class variety of Trebbiano, one of the most popular white wine grape in Italy and cultivated since the ancient Roman period.

The yellow-green skin of the grapes give to the wine its unequivocal color.
The wine is fresh and well-balanced with a delicate aroma. Its taste is dry with an aftertaste of grapefruit.

Our Procanico DOC features:
Color: light straw yellow
Alcohol: 12.0% -13.0% ALC BY VOl
Serving suggestions: whole meal, fish
Temperature: 8°C – 10°C
Smell: floral notes of roses
Taste: pleasantly bitter and caressing
Aftertaste: grapefruit

Our Procanico vineyard features:

Trebbiano toscano: 85%
Malvasia toscana: 7%
Roscetto: 8%
Altitude: 350 – 420 mt above sea level
Sun exposure: West, South-West
Implants: mt 3×1
Growing: spurred cordon
Vineyard Plot: Chalky-clay
Maximum production: 900 bottles/year
Grape harvest: 20th September – 5th October



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