Grechetto Rosso DOC Colli Etruschi Viterbesi



Sangiovese biotype, it is a red wine known for centuries in Gradoli’s region. It grows exclusively in the district of Viterbo.
The farm is located onto the hills of Tuscia, North of Bolsena Lake and Viterbo, and borders with Val d’Orcia (Tuscany).

Our Grechetto Rosso DOC features:
Color: ruby-red
Alcohol: 12.5°-13.5°
Serving suggestions: Meat, game, cheese, dried fruit
Temperature: 18°C-20°C
Smell: intense with hints of apple
Taste: persistent
Aftertaste: almonds

Our Grechetto Rosso vineyard features:
Grechetto Rosso: 85%
Merlot: 7%
Cannaiolo: 8%
Altitude: 350 – 420 mt above sea level
Sun exposure: West, South-West
Implants: mt 3×1
Growing: spurred cordon
Vineyard Plot: Chalky-clay
Maximum production: 9000 – 10000 lt
Grape harvest: 25th September – 5th October


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